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Windows of Hope
In Memory Of

Tammy Smeds
Who passed into the Lord's presence January 3, 2007

Insp. Greg Funk
September 22, 1955 December 31, 2008

Hank Timmer
Gerry Winkel
My Brothers In-Law
Who passed into the Lord's presence respectively
February 28, 2006
& July 15, 2006



Windows of Hope is dedicated to family and some very close friends who are currently fighting the battle of cancer and Elsa who has been clear of cancer for 5 years. Our prayer for them that God will give them healing but above all peace in knowing Him.


It is our honor to recognize
 Elsa Aspden









Ness Lake Bible Camp Videos
Please note: my video quality is not as high as I expected as I had my video camera on the wrong setting

Silly Song By Scott & Dave
Silly Song


Various Video Clips
Games - Songs - Chapel

I didn't name them just to surprise you

Clip 1  - Clip 2  - Clip 3  - Clip 4  - Clip 5

Clip 6 - Clip 7 - Clip 8 - Clip 9 - Clip 10

Clip 11 - Clip 12 - Clip 13 - Clip 14 - Clip 15

Clip 16 - Clip 17


The following are smaller videos when I didn't have my camera set right. Hope you still enjoy them.

Chapel Song - Chapel Song - Chapel Song

Chapel Song - Lunch - Lost & Found

Note: Some of the video are large files and may be better to download for easy/instant viewing

Teddy Archery - Teddy Archery
Teddy Rifelry - Teddy Rifelry
Whalen Wall Climbing


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